The following fictional scenarios represent typical ABA services with children in session and the STE Consultants staff who support them:

In Home – Miya, 5 years old

Sam, Miya’s STE Behavior Technician (BT), greets Miya at her door, ready to start today’s session. Sitting down to play with racecars, Sam sees that Miya has mastered the ask skills that they had implemented yesterday. She notes Miya’s success on her tablet, which she uses to track Miya’s progress throughout each session. At the end of the session, Sam stores all session materials in the bin until the next time that they are together. This keeps the materials intact, and Miya is always excited to play with Sam and “open the treasure chest!”

Each session, Sam follows the behavior plan created by Miya’s Clinical Director (CD) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Shane. Before any BT was placed on Miya’s case, Shane conducted a multiple-week evaluation of Miya to assess her needs. This included observing potential areas of growth, existing strengths, and collaborating with her parents to establish family goals for sessions. As a result, both Sam and Shane are ready to adjust Miya’s program on a minute-to-minute basis to best meet her needs.

ABA Services

In School—Jay, 12 years old

Devin, Jay’s BT, meets him on the front steps of school ready to support Jay throughout the entirety of his classes. Before Devin, Jay had difficulty focusing in class and found it hard to communicate with his teachers, so he often didn’t speak up. Now, after weeks of work with Devin, Jay finds himself successfully completing all the work that his classmates do. He even participates more frequently in classroom activities!

Devin and Tracy, the CD, actively coordinate with the team at school to ensure Jay gets the best care. In collaboration with teachers and administrators, STE sets Jay up for success in his academic environment.

In Center—Yadira, 2 years old

Yadira enters the STE Center and sees Peter, her BT, who greets her with a high-five and a smile. In the playroom, she sees her friends, Jill and Anthony, each in the middle of their sessions with their BTs. Yadira loves coming to the Center because there are always toys and other kids to have fun with!

Yadira’s parents opted to bring her to the STE Center because it shapes situations to develop her social skills with other children. They also love that there are always attentive Behavior Technicians, Clinical Directors, and other STE staff present to collaborate on each session and make changes to Yadira’s treatment plan when needed.

ABA Services

In Community—Kyle 8 years old

It’s Thursday after school, and that means it’s time for gymnastics practice! Kyle sits next to Trent, his BT, ready to find out what activities are planned for that day. Working with Trent, his peers, and his coach at practice is perfect for Kyle. Gymnastics class creates many opportunities for Kyle to use social skills he had practiced with Trent in sessions earlier that week.

Having Trent present for Kyle’s gymnastics practice allows his coach to successfully lead Kyle and his teammates in each activity. Meanwhile, Kyle benefits with the extra attention he needs in order to be the best gymnast he can be!